Dave, since you've been sharing some of my private e.mails with the rest of the forum, I'm certain that you won't mind doing the same thing too with your PRIVATE e.mail

Get this, if I show another fake blade on the forum and mentions the name of the seller, I will get suspended and will loose my moderator status.

What do I get for being a moderator anyway ? I can't even delete or change my own thread since I've long lost all power over my threads. Would it make any difference if whether or not I'm a moderator ? If it can make you feel better, why don't you just take it off since it means so little to my own world. I don't need any title to be happy ! I've got plenty of titles at work and responsibilty to be needing another "prestigious" position. Roll Eyes

As of now, I will resign from my moderator status but will gladly stay as a full time paying member. Cool