Bruce last post was in June 2002. We can't exactly say that he is active. He also claims on the "other forum" that he has been banned from GDC and hence, is no more a member. How nice to make him feel as a full time member still. I'm certain that he appreciates the gesture.

Again, could you please tell me where I have not respected the rules of conducts ?

The only thing that will make win your case is if he still a full time member abd I DO KNOW that we are not allowed to speak against other members without any proofs of what we are assuming. This is NOT THE CASE as he is not a member and again, why should we not call a name when someone is selling a fake. I really don't understand what's happening. Are we supposed to shut up every time we see a fake item being sold on this forum or any other forums for that matter ? If this is the case, then there will be many unhappy collectors with fake items in their collections. To me, it is still a complete non-sense and I demand that you put back the thread on the forum.

Dave, if you want to delete all my wordings from the other thread, that's suit me fine but for God's sake, leave the pictures and Craig's comments about the faked damascus blade. It will be to everyone's interest. Don't you think ?