Dave, will all do respect could you please prove to us all that Bruce Petrin is indeed a full time member on GDC ? I can't even find any threads with his name and neither can I find his e.mail address. If I have read correctly, shouldn't every member be obliged to post his e.mail. If so, you could please give me his e.mail address. If we play by the rules than it should be the same for everyone.................even for a "ghost" member that hasn't post in 4 years.

Bruce Petrin is no member on GDC but that's even beside the point.
Even if I said, though I agree it was too agressive, called him a "con artist", so what ?
How do you want to call someone that tries willingly to sell a fake blade ? A magician artist ? C'mon, this is even more ridiculous than I thought and I really don't know what are the REAL REASONS for pulling off this thread. Roll Eyes

I did put a link and not the pictures and so what ? Are we supposed to be hiding the sources from where it came from ? Are we trying to protect someone's interest by not giving the source or the seller's name ?

The fact that him and I are not best of friends is irrelevant to the discussion.
We are talking about someone who's selling a fake blade.

Thank God I wasn't talking about Wittmann or any other big gun dealers 'cause I would've probably been banned for life for going against the all mighty Messiah.C'mon, give me a freakin brake !