- Your original title was "Classic fake - From a scam artist". I did not look at the link and would not have recognized Bruce Petrin's ID which you say is "Mr. Key".

- Rather than post pictures to discuss the Damascus blade in question, you put a link so people could spot the seller.

- In case anyone missed the hint, you posted "The Damascus blade is being sold by Bruce Petrin ( aka: M. key)... " to further tilt the discussion towards the individual rather than the blade.

- Then you said "Denny is right and I do have had some unfortunate dealings with this seller." You had an axe to grind, as Denny commented.

I think you also knew this full well when you sent me an email after your initial post asking "Do you think my statement was incorrect ? If so, I'm sorry and please delete the whole thread". I missread what the post was about and did not follow the link or I would have deleted it then. My apologies to the membership for not catching that one.

And, by the way, Bruce Petrin IS a member of GDC.

There was no discussion at all in that thread of the Damascus blade in question. Craig posted a picture of what he thinks is from the same source along with a few good comments. Manfred made some helpful comments. The thread was headed south an no one was about to learn anything at all about Damascus Steel. That is why it went.

If you or anyone else wants to start a thread to discuss the differences between TR Damascus steel and reproduction, it would be welcomed.