Someone had better look at the membership of the whole site.Mud slinging go's on for page after page and when a good topic such as this one is posted it gets deleted.There was nothing wrong with anything posted here.If the person is selling bad goods he should be written up.No one mines knocking TW,TJ,RW if they make a mistake "they should know better",well the party selling also knows.He is from what I understand very knowledgeable on this subject.I have meet the person and did enjoy talking with him.If it's a matter of opinions on the blade lets hash it out.
I have been on this site for a long time and have seen more post deleted than there ever was.Try and find some of the old names here there gone! or they just lurk everyone is getting tired of the site.The forum maybe private owned but there's nothing to own if no one is watching.
Just found Daves "Thread is gone" you also forgot your White cane with the red tip. Big Grin

You know you're over the hill when "Happy Hour" means Nap Time