Pat , maybe there is a kind of ceasefire going on between the forums?, who knows,,we never will..I have no comment about the dagger but read the topic. nothing seemed wrong. If an item is bad it doesn't matter who it belongs to its bad, period. You mentioned names, well maybe not so nice but if its true well then my opinion is nothing is wrong.

In this hobby when its rare high priced items its funny. some people have them and its authentic and some that have the same item and its called fake. It all depends who will be coming out with the same item to sell in the future! Big Grin with prices so high it isn't a enjoyable hobby anymore to most. Its cut throat,,'make the buy for as least possible',,'clean it up and sell for as high possible',,big number$ lead to big problems. Arguing,name calling, threats,secret deals, deletions, bannings. Happens all the time right in front of our eyes,,and whatever we see in front of our eyes is happenning 10 times that behind the scenes...

So you might be right in everything you've posted, but it got deleted,,,and this topic very well might also..Nothing we can do. GDC is privately owned,,ALL the forums are and its either their way or the highway.There will NEVER be a perfect forum that EVERYONE will like..

Like Qui Chang Cain used to say,,we must bend with the breeze, or break!.Ha ha.. Don't let all this bull**** bother you,,keep seeking and preserving history....Happy hunting , G.