All I can say is that this is absolutely ridiculous.
The main objective of the thread was to show everyone how a faked Damascus blade looked like, as there are many around at every militaria shows.
The fact that the dagger belonged to Bruce Petrin was merely a coincidence.
It is true that I had my share of arguments against him but that's in the past and will remain there.
I couldn't care less about Mister Key or his past, prsesent or future behavior.
Dave, someone has made a good job in "brainwashing" the truth behind my post.
You saw it as a personal vendetta against someone who is not a member on this forum.
I have never talked against GDC but you should perhaps read some of the things that is being said on the other forum about our beloved GDC web site.
You would be very surprised to also read some of the comments being made by Mister Key about GDC and its members.
I don't need a crystal ball to know who got you convinced in deleting this thread.
That convincing other member resigns every 6 months but always comes back just to stir up contoversies.
I certainly hope that when I get to his age, I will be more mature and will not act as a child.
Gees some people should grow up just a bit.
Tell the other convincing member tp try Viagra, I have heard that it really helps in getting your blood pressure down.


Dave I also reject the assumption that you are making about me getting on a private vendetta. It ain't true !!!
PLease, also tell that convincing member that I will not resign like he always does, whenever things doesn't go his way.I've got my brain at the right place and I'm not sitting on it.
Big Grin