I was trying to think of something that might create a bit of "imperial entertainment" for those who may not have a big interest in pre-1918 collectibles, such as medals and uniforms, etc, etc... Many of our members concern themselves chiefly with collecting and studying various aspects of the National Socialist-period, 1933-1945. As these forums are mainly dedicated to areas of German military-history just prior to, and during the Second World War, I thought perhaps we could take a look at some of the early images that may have influenced those who also lived during that later time period..?

Take for instance Himmler's obsession with German culture - what were the things that fascinated not only the RFSS, but his entire generation? Certainly artistic interpretation added its profound impact to the printed word - renderings of brave heroes, warriors from the epic Nordic sagas, tales of Germanic knighthood and the lore of all things Aryan ... I believe the affect of the imperial graphic and visual-arts was a definitive contributing factor in shaping the perceptions of those that took the reins of the NS hierarchy. Darwin's radical new theories were still a juicy topic for discussion in coffee-houses throughout Europe, as were brilliant, new scientific discoveries. Nature's influence flourished in the decorative arts, the naturalistic-style of illustration and design prevalent in most examples of Nouveau and Jugenstil arts and crafts.

Periodicals, magazines, books and newspapers were the greatest influences on the masses at the turn of the century and the majority of them were illustrated with artwork of one kind or another. Pen and ink line-illustrations, oil paintings and watercolors, engravings, etchings and myriads of lithographs, wood-cuts and crayon drawings - all played a part in the graphic-related industries.. Each concept easily worth a thousand words or more, many of these illustrations can be taken as well-defined reflections of current topics and events of those heady times.

So let's take a look at a few that I've nicked for the occasion ... sshhh! Big Grin

Please share your thoughts and favorite pics with us, too. How hard can it be to pop something into your scanner? Give us your take on these early sources of NS influence and interest. Remember, no photos please, artwork only.

Some of these are a bit small but ... beggars can't be choosers ... nevertheless, hope you enjoy!


1/3 ... early German soldier

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