you referring to the 'belt & buckle 'ring? , or the Snake? Guess the B&B ring as thats what started the topic [and red line]...

- 1908, you could probably get a ring / jewelry in just about any material out there as there was no real strict conservation of metals.. Brass/bronze was always in need one way or another for pots/pans,, and bullets/ shells!!!! - These B&B [belt & buckle] rings were some like the one shown in the beginning which my opinion is still of a 'trench type' which must have been unbelievable hard to do in the field even a small workshop. The maker had talent ,,and patience! I've also seen some silver examples that were equally works of art and the detail , workmanship was just super..

- I've had a few snake rings go thru mu hands over the years too.. Never felt comfortable on adding one to my collection. Don't have a good reason,,just felt weird to me.. Now,, there was plenty of snake rings such as this for womens and mens rings both pre war and wartime!, Plenty of adverts and even saw a 'in wear' photo.
Now days, wouldn't mind adding one to top off the collection!

Great adbvertisement!

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