Ado.., This Swastika ring I'm showing.... When I first joined up here over 20 years ago. There was a member who was American but living in the CZ Rep. He had bought a few rings and sent me photos... Probably a 1/4 of them were fake.. But the good ones were really good!

Anyway,,I usually do not collect hand carved rings [like DAKs, Krim, etc.] But this Swas is the absolute best hand carved ring I've ever seen!. It was sold a couple times and I know you now are its caretaker..

There is,,or was,, a topic on the ring with some good photos etc. I couldn't find it... Maybe,,when you have some extra time you could post photos of this wonderful ring. The detail is amazing,, a super quality ring a real jewelry expert made.

Well hope to see it featured here,, its hallmarks , sides, etc. It is special in the world of hand carved rings ! ..., Thanks , G.

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