Very early rings were usually high quality finish,,,and both these bands were a fine polish inside and out.. The enamel was also the the best ,,black, glassy! etc.

Here are both the early and later pattern rings....

The early type [pirate type skull] I knew it was in a collection since the 70s and we knew the US vet that brought it home..but was never for sale. Once the owner realized you can only take so many things with you it was offered to me.
Took me 2 years to save up for it. He was a gentleman and held on to it even though he had offers of more that what we agreed upon..The 2nd pattern basically a similar story.. Again,,my opinion. These were according to the German manufacturer were it,,no one else was making them nor will you see adverts making them.

Its great to see everyone happy. IF the buyer of the ring first shown makes the buyer happy,,then so be it, God bless him..., Gaspare

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