Hello Vik, I have to admit that I am not extremely experienced with damast blades. But all those faked LW sword damast blades, also faked totally damast made LW swords (beside the wooden/leather grip and the middle part of the scabbard) I have seen had the trademark of HOERSTER. I personally do not like the A+M mark, those I have seen on more convincable blades had another look to me. I am also not too keen concerning the damast pattern. The head of the eagle reminds me on the socalled "Gozzo" type. Even more you have to hold such a blade in hands, feel and smell it to be able to give a more safe statement.
We donĀ“t have to judge the other parts beside the blade as these are obviously taken from an original LW sword.

wotan, gd.c-b#105

"Never look for sqare eggs" as a late owner of an original FHH-dagger used to say.