Gary: I will make an effort to improve my photo skills, and will post additional shots once I'm happy with the results. Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Vern: Like many of the larger players in the edged weapons trade, Küll maintained retail offices in several cities in Europe and beyond. Here is a brief excerpt from a 1837 travelogue describing a tour of Germany and Holland ("Darstellungen aus einer Reise durch Deutschland und Holland im Jahre 1837" by Friedrich Karl von Strombeck) in which the author recounts a conversation he had with Küll over a dinner:

"This meal I had with the owner of a large arms factory . . . , Mr. Peter Küll from Solingen. When I asked him what kinds of weapons he made, he answered me with a certain amount of pride: 'Firearms and edged weapons!' And he told me how he was on a trip to Turin to conclude a contract with the local war minister . . . He had delivered weapons to the king of Naples, while his son was in Egypt to conclude a contract with the local pasha about cuirassier armor to be delivered."

Obviously, Küll's enterprise -- which the man himself described as being based in Solingen -- was extensive by 1837, and its footprint was likely found in many places, near and far.

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