We now have a place to talk sports,cars,movies!

What a wide range of topics we will have!

I think in time we can grow this section into something fun!

Yes I want to talk daggers and our beloved military! And we will!

But I want to have fun also!

We had a good run on cars here once! Take a look at threads and see what our members and friends showed!

At my age I love the memories! It was a fun time! We had the cars,the music, it was a funtime!

I hope we can all sit back and remember when!

Our friend Military Nut (God bless him) Andy was a rock in roller! He had 3 or 4 convertibles he had bought to cruz in!

He used to email me and always at the bottom mention a song from the 50's or 60's and group!

He knew his music! I had to look up and check on some! He knew the doo-wop!

I had to go back and check my oldies cds of shows and songs! Trying to show Andy I knew!

Some was a little early for me but classics I found later!