My uncle served in WW2 with D battery 110th AAA, they landed on Omaha beach around noon on D-Day they lost some men due to machine gun fire from a pill box on a cliff and a church tower in Vierville sur Mer. One of the units half tracks with a quad 50 mounted took out the machine guns. The encounter was documented by Ernie Pyle in one of his books and also in the book 110th AAA “ Hitlers Crawlin Coffin “. When the unit made it to shore and into Vierville they set up their guns in the hedgerows, they met some resistance and killed several Germans. The men patrolled and “fished “ bodies for souvenirs. Ernie Pyle stayed the night with them in a gun trench and interviewed D battery Captain Julius Reivers. My uncle said he made the men feel at ease talking about home.