I can get 4 grades of silver depending on the hardness and wear properties wanted in the finished piece. Fine Silver is 999 and is the softest grade available. Because any contact will cause it to bend or deform, it is usually used to make bezels for setting the stones. Sterling Silver is 925 and is used for most jewelry. Coin Silver is 900 and is used when you need a more wear resistant surface. It is also what the Indian silversmiths used up to the 1940s-50s. It is typically used for buckles, conchos, and buttons, or to duplicate an old original piece since sterling would id it as a modern copy. Mine Silver is 800 and is the hardest, most wear resistant silver available. It is typically used on bridles, saddles, watch cases, or anything that could be bent or twisted. Silver furniture and decorative inlays are usually 800 silver to save on costs. To my knowledge, 835 silver is not available here but might be available in Europe.

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