thats really nice work Vern!
I've heard about the 'false' and synthetic turquoise. We always go to the big NY Rock & Gem show just to look and learn from the pros.
All this with the dyed Emeralds, Rubies, Turquoise is crazy. Also the fakes. Saw a woman with a batt op pen type thing that produced a hot pin!, to test for fake enamel, plastic glass beads and 'gems'...

With the old 3rd reich rings many are lower grade silver 800, or even Alpacca, zinc etc. and when you mix them all together over time you might experience some tarnishing.. Some silver ware sets also use this cloth on them.

Vern, you are using Sterling. IF you wanted could you buy 800 and 835 silver from the supply or its not for sale?

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