Don't really have any recommendations as I make up boxes when I need them. They are very easy to make. The ring section in the above box measures 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" and will hold 28 rings. These rings are fairly large, so it could hold more if the rings are smaller. Once you have the size box you want, you just need a block of foam rubber that fits tightly inside and a piece of velvet. Start 1/2" from the top and cut slots about every 7/8". Try to leave 1/2" at the bottom, so measure first and adjust the slot distance as necessary. Make the slots deep enough to hold the ring shank. Usually around 1" deep will handle any size ring you have. Cover the foam block with velvet being sure to tuck the velvet into each slot. Then work the block into the box, tucking the edges of the velvet in as you go. The foam will securely hold the rings in place and the velvet provides a nice background.

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