Hi, ok... here a compilation of four paper inserts from Eickhorn Tags. Number 1. Has a clear dot in the eye and a much fatter lettering. Where the paper goes inside the metal, it is cream colored instead of black. The number 2 is different in design with skinny lettering and a paper insert that keeps black over its entire lengt Number 3 shows a paper insert that keeps black where it goes into the metal tag, lettering is skinny. Note that the tail of the squirrel is varying in all examples with his distance to the back of the squirrel. Number 4 has a paper insert that becomes cream colored were it goes into the metal tag and the lettering is again skinny.

Is it possible that some collectors who own Eickhorn tags can check these variations and share them? Once the must have made many then thousands of these things so small differences must have been normal during all those production years? Personally I don't believe that it easy to copy the Eickhorn factory issue tag. They must make carbon copies, both of the metal tag and the paper insert of the original if they make an attempt to do so.

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