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hi johnny rocket
you are right on target with germania internationals he sells these rings and a lot more this type ring has been on the market in the last twenty five years maybe thirty they were surposed to be left over rings made for so called high ranking officers like general and up they also made ss lightning bolts with the oakes on each side the above story is a crock of donkeys poop the craftmanship on this ring shown is just terrible compared to the early made ones from twenty five years gone by those they had nice black enameling old ones very impressive ring but sorry fake fake and the story is a big lie hope this has helped you guys happy fourth july america god bless all andy militarynut

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CRAP RING. sorry, but at some point come ON. If the seller is reading this I have a bridge in Brooklyn I have to sell YOU.

Well thanks guys, looks like I need to study up before getting into rings, or just keep making threads lol. (This would have been my 1st if it wasn?t for y?all).

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