Here is a 1681 pattern honour bayonet. It has the rarely found double oval serrated tail with no CE maker mark and is known to us with a presentation etch in the catalogue and in Wayne's book.

However, this example has a beautiful plain blade with the engraved pommel and crossguards.


Obverse.JPG (42.39 KB, 211 downloads)
Reverse.JPG (41.76 KB, 211 downloads)
TM dbl serr No CE.JPG (40.69 KB, 210 downloads)
Obverse Grip.JPG (42.48 KB, 209 downloads)
Reverse Grip.JPG (43.15 KB, 210 downloads)
Obverse Pommel.JPG (48.55 KB, 209 downloads)
Obverse Crossguard.JPG (46.35 KB, 208 downloads)
Pommel Front Side.JPG (47.61 KB, 209 downloads)
Pommel Top.JPG (43.38 KB, 210 downloads)

Always looking for Eickhorns and etched bayonets.