Originally posted by Malta:
Yes it does have an rzm mark on it, so it a fake??.
The item is on e-bay.it, its the italian e-bay item number is 120440117930, he has another dagger its an army one by solingen i think and he is asking 4.000 Euros for them both.

The answer is "YES" it's fake (or rather it's fantasy dagger) - There's no such thing like Himmler dedication dagger with RZM code.
When these daggers were allowed on eBay you could see a tons of them, usually priced $20.00 - 60.00
The other one is the Army (Heer) dagger possibly Holler.
The photos are too small to tell the authenticity - there's a bunch of fake Holler Army around.
I would be really surprised if someone will pay 40 (forty) Euros for both daggers.
And BTW - NO shipping! Local pickup only ... what relief... Cool

Here's the Italian eBay link