hi notaguru
i can add a little information to your base ball signitures of the bklyn dodgers my favorite team i cryed when they left bklyn and i never followed them to los angeles my heart was too broken at the time many great ball players were on this team i remember them all as i was born in bklyn i can say this as a little boy with my friends we used to go in back of ebbets field where the players would come out of the locker room and sign our base balls for at least half hour they spent with us kids and never asked for one red cent those players were true to the sport not like today then when leaving they told the bat boy to sign the rest i made sure i had carl ferrilo right fielder my favorite and the duke sign my base ball dont know what ever happned to my signed base balls lost to time bottom line i loved my bklyn bums hope this helps you god bless those bklyn bums and every one else that was real base ball have a great day and thanks for the fondest memories andy militarynut