Hello, I'm new to this board so if this is the wrong place for this post just let me know and I'll change it up.

My friends grandfather was in WWII and passed away recently, leaving behind a dagger that my friend claims is real. I know his grandfather was in the war, but I can't be certain that this is real so I thought I'd leave that to the experts.

Here are some pictures. Looks like I have to add another post for the others. I tried to do some research on the markings MWL and 15 on the left and right part of the crossguard, but I couldn't find any corresponding schools associated with MWL. So I'm thinking this might have been a mix and match dagger. Apart from the pictures, I did take it apart and can say that inside the Crossgaurd or Pommel it had a marking E and W on it.

Any help would be great, as I think he will be looking to sell it.

IMG_7878 (1).JPG (37.7 KB, 267 downloads)
IMG_7879 (1).JPG (37.58 KB, 268 downloads)
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