Got back from the post office the other day, probably the best trip ever. I wanted to take the opportunity to share two Eickhorn double etched bayonets that I obtained from the Cashi Collection.

Before I describe them, I just want to add that the pics on Cash's website,, do not do the bayonets justice. These blades are screamers!

The first bayonet is a short model with #3220 Infantry etch attached to the 11th Infantry Regiment in Leipzig, roughly 120 miles southwest of Berlin. The rifle slot was complete with red felt insert, just a beauty!

The second bayonet is a long model with #3219 Army etch attached to the 11th Pioneer Battalion in Lotzen. This city is located in Northwest Poland now, cool. The rifle slot was complete with a green felt insert & sports a nice NCO portepee.

At any rate, enjoy the pics & many thanks to Cash ([email protected]). Best wishes!

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