This is my first post so I hope that I put it in the right place...

Anyway I would like to get some feedback on some armbands that I recently purchased a local auction. I have had them for about a month now and have gotten a little bit of feedback already but I am looking for all that I can get.

I purchased two armbands:

The first one is a red wool felt with white piping along the edges which have been folded/hemmed over by appx 0.5". The parts of swastika appear to be separate pieces, sewn on. There is a white Hersteller D RZM patch on the back under the swastika. It has a one oval shaped moth hole about 2mm by 6mm, There are a couple of other less noticeable holes about the size of a pencil lead or smaller. It is rectangular shaped appx 5 1/8" W x 21"L. Nothing glows under a black light. I believe that this is an original.







The second one appears to be cotton construction and sewn into a tube, not left rectangular like the first. It has two black bands about 7mm wide sewn along the edges about 3mm away from the edge. The black swastika appears to be printed onto a white patch sewn to the red arm band. There is a paper patch on the underside of the swastika as well. The Hersteller patch has a B RZM on upper left side and the SS symbol on upper right. Nothing glows under a black light EXCEPT the stitching around the round white swastika patch. Perhaps this is a late war arm band? I am hoping that it is not a reproduction but have heard that that might be the case.






I apologize for the blurriness of the blacklight pictures! Its very difficult to take those pics since the light is so low. I have other pics and can take additional if you guys need to see something specific.