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The few that I have were taken about 15 years ago and show little other than the scabbard was probably repainted. I have not had it out of the safe deposit box for at least 10 years.

It isd in TW's SS book. A good story worth reading.

Thx Dave!
I'll try to get a copy from one of my friends.

But to be honest i do not believe in a few ss dagger producers.
I'm not a godfather of these daggers,but also not new in this section.
A few sounds very strange to me and others,so i would love to see some good pics of Backhaus,Kober,Louper,Puma and WKC. Two years ago i saw two very nice Puma blades and one Backhaus offered by a UK dealer in Kassel. The blades were all well made,but the entire handles were real bad.If you marry a complete grip with one of these blades,you'll get a perfect and rare ss dagger.