I did quite well at SOS. I picked up some nice German Police stuff along with some US Civil War edged weapons. I did OK in sales too as I did not have any real high priced stuff to sell this year. Many Russians with much cash money were not in evidence but people were buying at my table.

Some photos of some of the swag that I picked up. I got two P.38 Polizei rigs... one a byf44 E/F and the other a Volkspolizei rework of an ac45. The US edged weapons are a CW period Schuler Hartley & Graham 1860 Staff & Field sword and an Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company saber. The bayonets are a US M1816 and a M1834 both with the 1839 pattern scabbards.

SOS edged weapons.jpeg.JPG (79.69 KB, 360 downloads)
Pol P38.jpeg.JPG (82.35 KB, 358 downloads)
Pol P38 EF.jpeg.JPG (57.04 KB, 358 downloads)
DDR P38.jpeg.JPG (85.68 KB, 359 downloads)
DDR P38 VP stamp.jpeg.JPG (63.04 KB, 359 downloads)

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