This dagger has a glass grip while not the desirable translucent type it certainly exhibits a glass appearance. I have only seen these glass slants on Klaas daggers. Crossguard is extensively hand worked not a spot left untouched you see the familiar punched eye we all love - really the finest type of this work you will see on a crossguard. The back is engraved with the former owner�s initials. Not sure if it JM or TM perhaps Wotan can advise. Certainly a possible research project as we know this dagger was made in 1935 so a look at the 35 rank list may yield some results. The dagger surprisingly has some traces of lacquer clinging to it. The scabbard has tiny domed head screws and bands that are reminiscent of the early Eickhorn & Horster although different. The scabbard rings and scabbard tip are noticeably smaller then the other two examples.

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