Here are the detailed shots of the Klaas daggers. I will post the pictures in the order they are seen in the group shot from top to bottom. The all have the Klaas type-1 crossguard. This guard was recently discovered & acknowledged as a new type by me and several other army collectors. It�s really a beautiful bird this guard can be found with varying levels of hand enhancement from extensive to minimal. A few interesting features that easily distinguish this guard as a unique type are the 5 wing segments and lack of a pedestal under the swastika. They all seem to exhibit a misshapen swastika with a unique flaw on the tip of the top leg perhaps a result of the finishing process. The swastika on the middle example is noticeably dimensionally smaller again likely due to the hand finishing process. The pommels seem consistent each a miniature work of art the hand detail work is extensive and achieves the same level of craftsmanship as the crossguards and complements them nicely. The blades are all the polished type with the cross grain on the center segment running the opposite direction then the sides. The position of the stamped maker mark is consistent on these 3 examples. While Klaas is known for producing army daggers with nickel plated blades it�s my belief the earliest examples will have the polished blades. The scabbards are a study in them self Klaas used various different configurations during their early production. They are manufactured from a lightweight type base metal perhaps an attempt by Klaas to lighten the dagger you see this same feature on the SMF slant army daggers. On these three examples you can see different scabbard bands (all three have different style bands) � different size rings � different size/type screws and even the scabbard tips vary in size. One thing that is consistent Klaas always used the Asterisk enhancement on the edges of the scabbard bands. Klaas certainly made one of the finest army daggers 75 years later its obvious quality was an important part of their business model and why these daggers are coveted by army collectors today.

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