Sedge of Cranes. A trio of Early Robert Klaas slant gripped heer daggers. Klaas no doubt made one of the most interesting early army daggers. As evident by these three examples they used a variety of different parts. Compare these initial-early production examples and you can you see they used different types of scabbard screws-scabbard bands-grips even the scabbard tips vary. Klaas arguably sported the best and most prolific hand enhancement of the period even into the later years of production. It�s thought the earliest crossguard examples had little to no hand work and the practice was adopted early in production. Its interesting the crossguard on the center example here exhibits this trait showing little to no hand detail work. The center blade segment on some of these early Klaas have cross grain running Vertically a feature I have only seen on Klaas and Holler. The well known Klaas Asterisk was used on the edges of the scabbard bands throughout the firm�s heer dagger production. As time permits I will add detailed shots of each dagger and point out some specific traits of each. My favorite would be the top dagger it has a glass type grip and a jeweler quality personalization.

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