Dear ALL:
Lanser, Thank you very much for your help. The screws do look strange on the DLV and most of the responses I got say the same. All other Dagger look ok.
Dave, I can always count on you.
Billy, I do appreciate your input. I could take better pictures but I had already taken around 29. Thought that would be already too much. I will try to do better next time.
Wotan and JohnZ, Thank you both for your response. I posted it here since this site is known for dagger collectors. I did not even expect much feedback from the other site. By no means did I or do I expect for somebody to give his opinion about the same items on 2 different websites. I have never even thought of that that somebody might do that. Well I just still have a lot to learn. Thank you very much for your efforts and help and I hope to do better next time. JME

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