Tim, a few comments.. ALL these type buttons should be a 3 piece construction. The front/emblem piece,,a backing and a loop thru the backing plate. Front gets crimped over the backing piece and its done. Check for that very closely first.

The skull button is for the SS-VT caps. Yours looks like the big jaw repro. It could just be the photo angle though. Try a search on some archived topics and hopefully you'll see one to compare yours to..

The SS runic buttons are the 'tuxedo' type buttons. A good known pattern. Whether yours are real or not I couldn't tell you.. Your cufflinks could also be good. Button manufactures usually offered cufflinks. The cufflinks were the buttons from uniforms whether it be from a KM, Luft.,RAD, or SS buttons you'll see matching cufflinks..Hope a member steps up here and can help you out about originality...,G.