Here is a rare beast indeed.

This Heer Officers dagger was made by Gebr. Gräfrath and I believe is one of the rarest marks in the Heer Dagger pantheon.

I shared some images of this dagger with Tom Wittmann for an opinion, and he confirmed that it is one of the initial production types. There is an identical example in Hessels reference book on pages 84-85.

The dagger has a unchipped, perfect, slant orange grip, and heavy brass silver plated mounts on the hilt and pommel.
In Tom Wittmann's opinion the scabbard looks to have been supplied by Pack, which would not be surprising as Pack also supplied hilt mounts to Gebr. Gräfrath, who did not manufacture scabbards themselves.

The scabbard has one loop missing bizarrely, I say bizarrely because it is in excellent condition apart from that, with no major dents. T Wittmann said that this is no big deal and could easily be restored with an original Pack loop.

The blade is really nice: not perfect, there tiny signs of greying emerging, but most of the crossgrain is there, and it has a needle like tip, and no blemishes on the edges of the blade. The makers mark is perfect. This blade has never been cleaned with an abrasive.

I am looking for around £2,000 or near offers for this piece. I know the price of a WKC or Eickhorn equivalent, but this is an incredibly rare maker and a collector of Heer daggers could spend decades looking for an example of this quality.

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