I had a lot of family that fought in the ETW during WWII. All sent back ,and brought back 'souvenirs' of the war.

A few stayed in the service after the war,, 2 stayed pretty late right to the Berlin airlift..

One Uncle had a friend that had ordered a quantity of rings made for them.. They had fought with Patton late in the war. IF my cousin remembers right this ring was made in Germany around 1947.

Displays all the things we look for in our period rings.. Nice enamel,,thin ,tapeing band, polished inner band, overall good finish.. The band appears to be a lower grade silver, 800, maybe even lower.. This one seems to have a bit of hand embellishment on sides of band. She remembers her father saying 50 were supposed to be made but something broke and a little over 30 actually were made...
Other soldiers still stationed in Germany were doing the same / similar things...

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