I've shown this before on the site,,maybe not necessarily on this forum though..

I've had a email saying the reproduction rings [and other regalia] were stopped after the war and didn't start again until early 1990s

Many of the US servicemen that were in Germany after the war [Berlin Airlift. etc.] were making connections for when they get back to the US for some business dealings.. I had told him it was always happening,,,that they saw every kind of dagger part, medal, badge, even rings and cufflinks all with the dreaded and illegal swastika! The guy went on to tell me impossible that there were laws written and enforced.... Well I can tell you I believe the US service man and others that said they can get anything. That most of it still made with original tooling.. When a piece of tooling broke bad enough they'd go to another method of manufacture , [casting, die casting , etc].

My friends and I in the early 70s saw these dealers that had perfect pieces most mainly in mint condition.. They wouldn't sell to us because they didn't want the hassle of selling a bad piece and maybe having to deal with our Fathers or big brothers for refunds at the next show..

So too long of a story,,,but anyway,,we were very friendly with one of these dealers and he had a stack of receipts like this one shown. He'd say,,,'don't buy the real mint stuff,,to remember they went tru a war,,had to be shipped all over the place. Better to buy something that looked like 'it had been there';..

Remember,,they faked everything. This from 1959! , be careful when you buy. Don't believe the story,,the piece must speak for itself..............

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