Wittman Antique Militaria # 39821C, Imperial Shooting Cutlass, listed as "F. Kuglmann" and "Warva". I am genealogical researcher who solved the mystery of this Schutzen Hirschfanger. I sent Mr Wittmann an e-mail letter on Oct. 22, 2022, telling Mr. Wittmann the correct spelling is "F. Kuhlmann" and "Warpe". I also found and sent F. Kuhlmann's April 1910 Passport and March 1921 obituary to Mr. Wittmannn. Frederick Henry Christian Kuhlmann was born in Warpe, Germany on March 27, 1852, and died in Omaha County, Nebraska on March 6, 1921. Frederich Kuhlmann went to Germany with his wife, Sophie in 1910 and arrived back in the USA in Oct. 1910 probably returning with his Imperial Shooting Cutlass with blade inscription: "F. Kuhlmann Nebraska, dem Schutzenverein Warpe". This item, # 39821C Imperial Shooting Cutlass is still for sale at Wittmann Antique Militaria and maybe a forum member would like to own this Imperial Schutzen Hirschfanger with an interesting history.

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