Have had this for quite some time, went missing for almost a decade and just now recovered it, wonder what else I might have waiting to be rediscovered ?

459 times on the band for merit in enemy country
1,249 times on the band for merit in the home country

Awarding period:
October 1915 to January 1921

C.F. Zimmermann in Pforzheim (Source: Reiner Schwark)

15.6 grams (without band)

33.4 mm wide, 37.25 mm high (incl. Ball eye), Bandring approx. 9.4 mm,
The medal is 3 mm thick.

Gold plated gun bronze

Silk, 28 mm wide
a) For merits in the enemy country:
Yellow with white and red side strips (3.5 mm wide)
b) For home services:
White with yellow and red side stripes (3.5 mm wide)

The war awards is octagonal medal, on the front of which a cross with curved, killed arms can be seen (analog front of the war award cruise Lippe-Detmold).
In the cross center there is a laurel wreath, which is tied together with a loop, in the middle of which is the lipish rose.
Above is the crowned initial "L" for the Stifter Leopold IV. From Lippe to see the year "1914".
The spaces between the cross arms are smooth, the medal has a slightly elevated, also smooth edge.

On the smooth back is centered the inscription
"Faithfully proven in heavy time 1915".
The edge of the back is covered with a circumferential, dotted line.

The tape ring is attached to a spherical eye on the medal.

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