Hi guys later this evening I will be posting photos of an amazing autograph collection belonging to SS Gruppenfuhrer und Generalleutnant der Waffen SS und Polizei, Heinrich Friedrich Johann Jurs. SS NR-11362 NSDAP Nr.- 575,102 born 17-01-1897 died 28-04-1945 in an automobile accident. SS Sturfuhrer 30-01-1933 awards 1914 EK I 1914 EK II KVK I m.KVK II black wound badge, Ehrenkreuz for Frontkampfer, Landesorden, Ehrendegen des RF-SS Totenkopfring der SS Cross of Freedom with Swords I klasse, Finland...associate of Himmler, Heyrich Eicke, Wolfe....there is his named personal war diary with autographs of Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, Himmler and his wife, Heyrich, Ernst Udet, Sperrle, vonShirach, Robert Ley, and many many more...most outstanding Third reich autograph wartime collection belonging to one person that I have ever seen ....obtained from his daughter who was living in Hamburg...his son, an SS veteran passed away...he has extended family living in Christchurch New Zealand...I will post photos later tonight amazing!!!!!!!