Hi All, Yesterday, my Buddy gave me this pin. He said it came from the estate of his recently deceased father-in-law. The pin reads:" CONFEDERAZIONE NAZIONALE FASCISTA DEI COMMERCIANTI". THE BACK OF THE PIN READS:"BREV. E DEPOSITATO 20.28 AG 1926". THE BACK OF THE LAPEL ATTACHMENT READS;" C PACCAGNINI-MILANO'. THE DARK BLUE FRONT IS ENAMEL AND PERFECT. The light blue in the center appears to be paint. The bottom has the green, white & red with the Fascista symbol. The base metal of this pin could be gold as it appears to be a different color than the lapel pin. ANY IDEAS??? What is it? What is it worth? THANKS for your time and help & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Peace, Mark Giannullo

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