I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about or had the same problem as I am having. Someone gave me a digital microscope from Carson optical but it doesn't seen to be able to be installed on my computer. I am using Vista and in my device manager it doesn't recognize what should be digital viewer,it is reading the viewer as USB20 Camera,which as far as I know I don't have anything on my computer having to do with that. In any case it searches for the driver, says it finds it but encounters a problem installing it supposedly. Even with a special file they made for me that I downloaded I still can't seem to get the viewer to install. The company is actually still trying to find a fix for me,they can't seem to figure out why it won't install or for that matter why it is reading the digital viewer as a USB20 Camera. As a side note,in todays world where customer service is nearly obsolete I can say that this company, Carson Optical has been fantastic trying to help me, going as far as to create a special file for me to download in hopes that it would work on my computer. In addition they have spend at a good number of hours online and on phone trying to create a fix for me. Tomorrow we try again and see if they can do fix it this time. Anyone have the same type of problem as this or know what they mean by a USB20 camera,or maybe they mean USB 2.0 camera. Thanks for any help