I have just returned from the Show of shows in Kentucky!! What a Treat!!I had the oppertunity to meet a gentleman who is probobily one of the most well versed people about B-17 aircraft around.Believe it or not..He does not have a computer!!His special interest is the training base in Dyersberg Tennesee,Where he lives.He communicates via snail mail,But as fast as we are losing our Vets,He needs to jump into the computer age!!.His name is Tim and if anyone could provide any photos of Items they have, or wish to display or sell,relating to this airbase,please let me know!!Although this is not my area ,If I can prove there are other people who really care about this subject he may come on board.Some scans of documents or photos would be appreciated. I plan to
snail mail any responses to him .If you guys can come up with something about Dyersberg,I'll kick in to buy him a computer!I,m not messing around,But if you guys dont grab this guy we will all miss out!!I' am going to get his address from a friend, And I will post it on this site soon.He will be of great help to people who want to research family members who flew!! Best wishes Geoff Ward.