Today, I had the pleasure of viewing a collection containing mostly SS helmets. In it, there is a beautiful unissued Police Division double decal example. Stunning! There is also an early black Allgeimeine-SS helmet, with circles on the inner skirt containing SS runes and "RZM." It has the early Leibstandarte decal with the "clipped" upper left corner. Most of these I have seen have this insignia painted on, but this was a decal and I am aware there are repro's of it. My question is, were such decals produced during the period, or were all such insignia hand-painted? There is another pre-Nazi helmet (WWI type), black, that has metal runes on one side and a metal representation of the tri-color shield on the other, which was somewhat pointed at the bottom. The runes were silver and had numerous horizontal lies running through them. I suspect this is a makeshift example, certainly not factory issued, but it does look authentic. There are several other A-SS and W-SS helmets, as well. Since I'm not a "helmet guy," any information, guidance, etc., would be appreciated.