Posted By: pvon Stuff from vet family! - 06/26/2021 02:29 PM
Here is pic of a few items I got with Fur jacket from vet family!

Eastern front rabbit fur! Russian front maybe!

Its listed in for sale section!

The early googles could have been used by NSKK,motor cycle riders,tank etc!

And head phones!

Neat items


Attached picture google pic in use1.jpg
Attached picture google1.jpg
Attached picture combo.jpg
Attached picture googleback.jpg
Attached picture ebaypic.jpg
Attached picture fur4.jpg
Posted By: sellick8302@rogers.com Re: Stuff from vet family! - 06/27/2021 08:19 PM
Love the goggles Paul should you decide to part with them ever please let me know cheers, Ryan
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