Excellent example of a tailor reworked Waffenrock converted to an M28 style service tunic for a Heer Generalleutnant .The tunic is produced from field grey wool trikot having a dark green wool collar, pleated breast pockets & hip side pockets with scalloped flaps, deep roll cuffs, an eight button front and two buttons to the rear skirt. All of the buttons are pebbled, solid back Officers variety with a full gilt finish. The pockets, flaps and roll cuffs are produced of a slightly different shade of field grey trikot wool being added as part of this well done period alteration. The collar has machine applied Generals pattern collar tabs of finely hand embroidered gilt wire on bright red wool badge cloth. The shoulders have sew in Generals shoulder boards of plaited gilt & aluminum cords with a large silvered pip (tarnished) on a base of red wool. Hand applied to the right breast is a post 1940 Generals pattern breast eagle of hand embroidered gilt wire on a backing of field grey wool. The left breast has loops for a ribbon/medal bar and two sets of award loops on and below the pocket. The interior of the tunic is fully lined with grey-green rayon cloth with striped white rayon cloth inside the sleeves. It is complete with an interior waist belt with nickel buckle, an edged weapons slot behind the lower left pocket flap, an interior chest pocket and “glove” pockets in the rear skirt. The inside chest pocket is complete with the original tailor’s label with the faded name of the original owner. The overall condition of the tunic is good with light signs of wear, a few small surface snags and age to the insignias.
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