Here is one I would like to share with you:

At first view, this appeared to be a classic Imperial artillery lion head sword.

But when I got closer, I got hypnotized by the lion's eyes...

First sword that I found with a doll's eyes lion head like this!

Any others out there?

Best regards,


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Nice sword and very unusual wink
Wow, those look much nicer than the red or green eyes.
Gives that Lion a real Lion look. Are they set deep in the eye socket, as they look, or is there a clear outer eye that sits flush with the face??
Vern & Ed,

Thanks for your kind words!

The eyes have a transparent outer part and a dark core.

Hope this pic shows it better.

The sword was made by Friedrich A. Herder.

Best regards,


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Best looking Eyes I have seen on any sword.
Just best looking to me though.
Thats a stunning sword!
Quality made!

Thanks for showing!

that is beautiful sword.
Here's one i used to own ,it had similar eyes

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few more

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That sure is a beauty. I would have a hard time letting loose of that one.
A real beauty, Stingray!

Was it maker marked?

Best regards,

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