Posted By: JamesS 3 swords - 10/18/2019 02:18 AM
Just picked these swords up last weekend at a show down here in Florida.

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Posted By: JamesS Re: 3 swords - 10/18/2019 02:20 AM
I'll post some better pictures this weekend
Posted By: Ritterkreuz Re: 3 swords - 10/28/2019 02:25 AM
Nice sabers and a great haul, looks like one early brass and two late war gilt aluminum. The lion looks to be a Puma, the middle one looks like an Eickhorn Wrangel, and the last might be a WKC but would need better pictures to tell for sure.
Posted By: Fred Prinz - FP Re: 3 swords - 11/06/2019 05:21 PM
It looks like you had a good weekend, and also proves that while not as common as in times past, there are still items out there to be found. Fred
Posted By: JamesS Re: 3 swords - 02/23/2020 07:56 AM
Some more of my swords, going to check the blades this weekend so I took a few pictures, hope you like them .

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Posted By: Dave Re: 3 swords - 02/23/2020 04:35 PM
Very nice, James.

Can we see more detail;s?

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