Posted By: Schnabeltier A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 08/15/2021 06:18 PM
I recently added this huge and handsome gala hirschfänger to my small collection of hunting swords, and hope some of the forumites here might be able to tell me more about it. (Please excuse my lousy photography.)

The blade is etched with the name P. Küll on one side of the ricasso and Solingen on the other. Various internet sources say that Peter Küll ran his business from 1820-1845 and was known to use either his written name, a stamp depicting a stylized skull, or the capital letter K to mark blades that had passed through his hands. Brothers Gustav and August Küll assumed control of the business in 1845 and, sometime in the 1855-1860 period, the brand passed to the Friedrich Neeff & Söhne company.

The 21-inch blued and gilt blade is unfullered and the etchings depict stands of arms, various vegetal motifs, and a hunting dog in mid-leap.

The gilt hilt is a massive six inches in length, and the grip scales are ivory. I have seen this same hilt mounted on both non-gala blades and on hunting daggers in the "Bavarian" section of a well-known US-based hirschfänger dealer's website (send me a PM if you want links to these), but whether the hilt form is truly associated with Bavaria is unknown to me.

The scabbard is relatively plain, featuring a gilt brass throat and a recess for a side knife, which sadly is absent. The scabbard chape is also AWOL, but the scabbard leather has retained the imprint of the chape's decorative edge. I think it would be possible to recreate the chape very accurately, though I don't possess such skills. If anyone knows of a craftsman who does that sort of thing, I'd be happy to have their contact information.

I'd be interested in your thoughts and opinions about this hirschfänger. Thanks in advance.

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Posted By: Baz69 Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 08/16/2021 05:48 PM

We would need much better pictures to be able to tell you anymore than you already know.

Posted By: Vern Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 08/16/2021 06:47 PM
P. Kull is listed as a blade smith in Wien (Vienna). Ernst Kull and Wilhelm Kull are listed as working in Solingen.
Posted By: Schnabeltier Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 08/17/2021 09:34 PM
Gary: I will make an effort to improve my photo skills, and will post additional shots once I'm happy with the results. Thanks for your interest and your patience.

Vern: Like many of the larger players in the edged weapons trade, Küll maintained retail offices in several cities in Europe and beyond. Here is a brief excerpt from a 1837 travelogue describing a tour of Germany and Holland ("Darstellungen aus einer Reise durch Deutschland und Holland im Jahre 1837" by Friedrich Karl von Strombeck) in which the author recounts a conversation he had with Küll over a dinner:

"This meal I had with the owner of a large arms factory . . . , Mr. Peter Küll from Solingen. When I asked him what kinds of weapons he made, he answered me with a certain amount of pride: 'Firearms and edged weapons!' And he told me how he was on a trip to Turin to conclude a contract with the local war minister . . . He had delivered weapons to the king of Naples, while his son was in Egypt to conclude a contract with the local pasha about cuirassier armor to be delivered."

Obviously, Küll's enterprise -- which the man himself described as being based in Solingen -- was extensive by 1837, and its footprint was likely found in many places, near and far.

Stand-by for more photos. Thanks.
Posted By: Schnabeltier Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 06/01/2022 05:04 PM
Finally managed to shoot some additional images, such as they are.

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
Posted By: Jim W Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 06/02/2022 03:49 PM
This dagger would be one of the top daggers in any collection.
Posted By: Baz69 Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 06/03/2022 12:28 PM
Nice old hirschfänger, it shows its age and has a few problems but not every piece is mint, I'm not sure I can possibly tell it is Bavarian but it could be from that State, it's not a piece I would have much expertise in, just enjoy it as a beautiful old hirschfanger.

Posted By: Seppi Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 06/03/2022 05:33 PM
👍 , I appreciate too 😎

Posted By: Schnabeltier Re: A gala hirschfänger by Peter Küll - 06/07/2022 09:40 PM
Thanks, all.
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