Hey folks. Any such thing? I have seen 2 examples on line. looks like a smaller "officer" clamshell type, short police bayonet but with no eagle on the grips. Never had holes for an eagle either.
In general, Customs bayonets are less common than their Polizei counterparts but I assure you they existed.

I own 2 clamshells both are shorter blade examples. One of them,a WKC with stiletto blade, could have been a Weimar produced piece but it was private purchased and with no grip emblem, there was nothing to modify during the 3R.

The other is a very short blade with aluminum hilt by Clemen & Jung, a variant identified by Ron Weinand and Gary Walker in their excellent book “Clamshells & Other German Bayonets”.
Here is a customs bayonet (extreme right), compared to some police pieces.

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Thank you for the responses. I see the one in question has a steel scabbard. Is that the only way they are presented or is the typical police leather scabbard and frog also correct?
I have seen both scabbard types on customs bayonets, but only the steel version on the Clemen & Jung version. The bayonet's throat is stamped with a (serial) number.

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Here’s a shot of my Customs pieces. The short model on the far left is double marked by Clemen & Jung, the other clamshell is a WKC with stiletto blade and private purchase style scabbard fittings.

From memory, the C&J blade is sightly shorter than the standard KS98 short model.

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That is a great customs collection, Billy!

Very nice, Billy.
Thank you Gents. The original picture was much better detailed but with lo res, it isn’t so great. Took me a while to find such items but they’re out there. I realize now my cased Customs medal isn’t there.
Great. any idea on value?
Despite their relative scarcity, regular Customs bayonets don’t go for much more than their more common Polizei cousins. That said, any clamshell will run you decent money, especially if it’s in good shape.
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