Posted By: Redbaron Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 06:23 AM
These were recently on eBay, but since pulled, they started attracted high bids. This seller seems to offer these very rare knots from time-to-time, any always seems to have several, always in near mint condition.

While I was keen to bid, they just don't look right to me, the cord used to make the ball and crown is fairly thick compared to others I've seen, and reqular bayo knots. Any opinion as to the authenticity of these...


Description: Teno Knot
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Posted By: Redbaron Re: Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 06:24 AM
Teno Knot

Description: Teno Knot
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Posted By: Redbaron Re: Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 06:26 AM
Teno Knot, general Service NCO

Description: Teno Knot
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Posted By: Billy G. Re: Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 02:13 PM

If the Eban seller is Bispham2004, I would recommend you avoid any of her knots. This seller has been mentioned on GD, WA & BCN numerous times. Despite the lack of poor feedback, the widely held consensus is that the knots are modern construction from Pakistan. Note "all sales final" & no specific mention of originality. There were several other threads on Bispham's knots here on GD specifically one I started a few years ago on some fake Feuerwehr knots she was selling although those threads (with the pictures) have since disappeared, sadly.


Posted By: Redbaron Re: Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 05:41 PM
Hi Billy G,

Yep, that's the very seller... I sent her a message asking if her items were genuine period but never received a reply. When the 3 Teno knots were pulled, 2 of them were already over $200. I found it a little suspicious as she had 4 Teno knots for sale about 8 months ago, and the same buyer bought all 4 for over $200 each.Sure wish I could get one of these at a fair price, my EM is crying for one...

Thanks for the heads up Cool

Posted By: paulbear Re: Teno knots??? - 02/23/2008 11:23 PM
Check out Johnson's sight I think he has post war made ones in original materials by the original makers at a fair price.
Posted By: Billy G. Re: Teno knots??? - 02/26/2008 01:14 AM
Same seller with a completely tarted up set of KM hangers with a great story attached. You've got to give her credit for imagination Roll Eyes

Posted By: Houston Coates Re: Teno knots??? - 02/26/2008 01:26 AM
The knots are post war and are not the correct shape. The hanger is original but altered/cut off.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: Teno knots??? - 02/27/2008 12:58 AM
And the homepage...

Posted By: Dion Re: Teno knots??? - 04/03/2008 03:42 PM
Unfortunately, I was caught with a fake Generic A crossguard by this person!!! Mad

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